Clerk: Randy Lichti 1619 Diamond Rd. New Hamburg Ontario Canada N3A 2X5
2018 Ontario Hoof Trimmers Guild

Welcome to Ontario Hoof Trimmers Guild - Est. June 2006

Dedicated to a Higher Quality of Success in Animal Care 

About Us

Our Health Mission

To promote the understanding of cattle hoof care on Ontario farms

Experience and Professionalism

 Many members are trained in foot disease, biomechanics, biosecurity and standardized hoof health recording of individual animals.

Hoof Trimmers Who Care

Not only can our members care for  your herd , we also work to prevent pain and illness in cattle from occurring. We strive to help you improve your  animals quality of life, To achieve your financial goals by deploying technology and research beneficial to each farms need. .  



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Ontario Hoof Trimmers Guild

Attn Randy Lichti, Clerk, 1619 Diamond Rd New Hamburg Ontario Canada N3A 2X5

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Monday - Friday: 8AM–8PM